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As an experienced blogger, Mustafa Malik came to me with the idea of starting a new blog. It had to be a modern site, not too flashy, professional looking, and most of all being able to hold visitors on the site to read his posts. Furthermore, the content of his previous blogs also needed to be moved over, so he could use the site as one place to go for all of his online publications. The blog title has carefully been chosen as ‘Community’, where Mustafa writes about social and political challenges to having meaningful lives in communities.

He preferred to use a certain WordPress theme, because of its clean and professional look, without clutter on the front-end. So I took this theme and customized it further to his needs. The blogs are the most important part of his website, and I have prominently placed the latest post on the homepage. The reader can also see other Featured blog posts in the sidebar, together with a short info about the host. In the footer there is a section with Recent posts, where you can also browse more articles in Tags and Categories. Mustafa is an active Twitter user, therefore I have embedded his Twitter feed in the footer for readers to go to for more opinionated tweets.

Some extra functionalities I’ve custom coded are the full blog post on the homepage, the Social Share buttons at the end of the posts, the author information at the end of the posts, placing a back-to-top arrow, and embedding the Twitter feed in the footer. I’ve used PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS to customize and style the site as per Mustafa’s needs.

Homepage Mockup Community Mockup of responsive site Full homepage Community