Christina piano teacher

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I made this website for Christina, she is a piano teacher and music composer. She asked me if I could come up with a website that looks classical but with modern features. Also the section to display her courses is an important element for her and she wants to be contacted easily. So I’ve designed and developed this website for her.

I did use a premium WP theme to cut the costs of development, but have altered the style and functionality to Christina’s taste and needs using PHP, HTML and CSS. For instance, I’ve added the functionality to show a hero video instead of a static hero image. The site is developed responsive and therefore will look great on all kinds of mobile devices.

I’ve also created a logo for Christina, something simple that represents her work. The content is SEO proof and also written by myself, with input from Christina.

Christina piano teacher website mockup mobile responsiveness Full home-page mockup Full home-page mockup