Stichting Nederlanders Buiten Nederland

Services: Web design, web development, monthly maintenance.

The Foundation for the Dutch outside the Netherlands (Stichting Nederlanders Buiten Nederland) is a foundation that comes up for the rights of Dutch people living outside the Netherlands. They needed a new website since the old one didn’t meet their needs anymore. And as a Dutch national myself living outside of the Netherlands, I wanted to reach out my helping hand in creating a new website.

This website has different goals: it needs to be a place where Dutch outside the Netherland can find legal information regarding their citizenship, it needs to be a place where they can share experiences with others, and a place where they can contact the people behind the foundation to get extra help in case they need. So it was very important for me to come up with a design that could handle all of these goals. I’ve decided to work with the Genesis framework, because its themes offer great functionality where I can build a versatile and modern website.

Some extra functionalities I’ve worked on are creating a different custom post type with core topics that the foundation is focusing on, implementing a knowledge bank for the many (legal) articles that the site offers, integrating the Genesis newsletter signup with Mailchimp, a Dutch and an English version of the website with WPML, a payment integration to receive donations, making it fully responsive for different mobile devices and screen sizes. I’ve used PHP, HTML and CSS to customize and style the site as per client’s needs.

I continue to do the monthly maintenance for this website to keep it in great shape!

Stichting Nederlanders Buiten Nederland homepage mockup Mockup image of the SNBN website Homepage SNBN full page